Introducing sunpaws!

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$95.00 - includes a training bag! 

(Please note: registration form reflects incorrect fee. Balance $10.00 is due at class start)

~~ 2015 - THREE locations! ~~

Last Puppy Class in 2014!

Saturday, 25th October, 2pm

Village Animal Clinic, 5500 Cottage Hill Road *Class limited to 5 puppies


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- Make training fun! -

ONLY 4 dog-handler teams per class!

Thursday 23rd October - 330pm class filled. 

Saturday 25th October – 10am class filled. 

Sunday 26th October – 11am class filled. 

Sunday 26th October - 2pm class filled. 

Tuesday 18th November – 330pm class filled.



*** Introduction to sunpaws! ***

Additional classes will be announced in the newsletter.

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* Please note: Obedience classes are limited to four dogs *


     Dog training is a way of communicating with another species.  Just as we can learn to understand the body-language of dogs, so can dogs learn to understand the signals we give.  Because this society is governed by humans, it is only fair to teach dogs the rules they have to live by in order to survive.  This is where dog training comes into play, and play is exactly what training should be!

     Dog training has come a long way since the days of  "Traditional Methods" of teaching a dog what and what not to do.  Decades of empirical evidence and extensive studies by experts in the field of behavior have shown that there are no reasons to use painful aversives in training.  Collars such as choke/slip chains, prong/pinch, and electric/shock collars are, at best, effective on a limited basis.  At worst, these types of "training collars" are fatally abusive.

    Advantages of Positive, Reward-Based Dog Training:
* It does not lead to a fearful dog or to an owner who is afraid of what the dog may be capable of.
* The dog does not have to feel pain in order to learn.  Pain increases stress, and stress lowers learning capability.
* It does not lead to aggression.
* It does not lead to unwanted behaviors.
* Poor timing does not cause collateral damage.  It only slows the time it takes to learn behaviors!
* It teaches the dog specifically what to do, as opposed to hoping the dog will figure out what the correct behavior may be.
* The dog will become more creative and willing to try new behaviors such as agility or tricks.
* It creates leadership in the owner, therefore strengthening the bond between the dog and the owner.
* Training is fun and enjoyable for both the dog and the owner!

   Types of Rewards
* Life rewards such as going outside, getting up on the sofa, taking off the leash for romping time, putting on the leash for a walk are all occasions that you can use to help you train your dog.  If your dog wants something, anything, use this as an effective training tool!  For example, if your dog comes to you with a ball in its mouth, ask your dog to sit before you throw the ball.  You have now acknowledged your dog's obedience (it sat on your cue) with a reward (throwing the ball).
* Food rewards such as your dog's meals, chews, and treats can be used to engage your dog's willingness to follow your cues.  There is only so much "volunteering" a dog will do, and sometimes it behooves owners to give their dog a bonus such as a special treat for exceptional work done.
* Attention rewards such as looking at your dog and praising it, or physically rewarding your dog by touch.  For example, if your dog comes to you and wants you to pet it, ask your dog to sit.  You have now recognized your dog's obedience (it sat on your cue) with a reward (giving an ear rub).

     From my heart:
     When choosing a Dog Training Instructor to assist you and your pet, please ask about the methods employed to teach your pet the skills you seek in your companion animal.  Your pet should be having FUN.  If training your furry friend is not fun fun fun for you and your dog, your relationship with your companion could easily suffer!

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