For novice dogs over 6 months & adults! Not your typical boring walk-in-a-circle training class! Build desire for training and focus;

Attention, name game, introduction to luring, go to mat, intro to platform training, not jumping up, intro to loose leash walking and heel/off-side heel, front positions, recalls & more!

Class sessions run 1 hour a week, same time/day

Classes are limited to 4 dogs

4 weeks, $140.00

Sit stay, down, down stay, wait & polite greeting behaviors, hand targeting, attention with distractions, recalls with distractions, advanced leave it/take it, and much more.

Class sessions run 1 hour a week, same time/day

Classes are limited to THREE dogs only!

4 weeks, $140.00

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Bring your puppers on a well fitting buckle collar or martingale collar and a 4 or 6 foot leash. please no retractable leash!

Have a mixture of small treats in a baggie soft, squishy, aromatic are good - no dry milkbone-style types.


Please do not let your dog greet other dogs. Introductions can be made once everyone is settled in.


Park anyplace in front/around the building where there's gravel. There is a portapotty on site for humans.

Thanks for having such a fun, interesting, and useful class. Both Rosie and I got a lot out of it.
We hope to do more classes after the first of the year.

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