Do More With Your Dog 

Stunt Dog Ring Trial

Date: March 14, 2020

What: for dogs having already attained DMWYD trick titles

Location: Sunpaws Training Facility

5472 Travis Road, Mobile, AL 36619

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Stunt Dog

DoomsDog Prepper Workshop


April 4th, 2020


Are you prepped for Doom? For Disaster? For Hurricanes? Life isn't all sunshine and butterflies, as much as we'd like it to be so. Get your DOG PREPPED for these disasters. Know what to do, how to do it, and be prepared with supplies!
You will receive a Loctite bag, laminated rabies certificate and two laminated photos of you and your dog, as well as 3 preps.
We will play a variety of games to expose your dog to novel situations:
Catch me if you can!
Put your head in a thing - Muzzle up!
Walk with me.
Ooooh, that's not my crate (or my car)!
Participants will have the opportunity to win additional preps by playing games.
Cost: $75.00 for dog/handler teams (space for 5)
Cost: $55.00 for audit spots (space for ten)


Sunpaws Training Facility

5472 Travis Road, Mobile, AL 36619

snoopy doom