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Your puppy or dog is in good paws (hands)!


Practical Exercises For Canine Reactivity

part 1 2, July 2024

Suzanne Clothier


Welfare in Chickens

July 2024


SDiT, ESA, ADA, Alphabet Soup?!

A Guide to US Service Dog Laws & Terms for Dog Trainers

June 2024

Sharon Wachsler, CPDT-KA, KPA


Traumjob Hundetrainer

June 2024

Tierakademie, BRD

Operant Conditioning Workshop - Discrimination II

5 days

May 2024

Kirsten Kraljevic CPDT-KA & Dr. Bob Bailey

Canine Respiratory Illness

February 2024


Aggressive/Reactive Dogs 1 & 2

January 2024

Annie Phenix, Sarah Fisher, Dr. Laura Donaldson



The Neuroscience of Predation vs Prey Animals

November 2023

Daniel Shaw BSc,GMBPsS, CDBC

Listen Up: An Evidence-Based Assessment of Sound Products for Dogs

October 2023

Eileen Anderson

Operant Conditioning Workshop - Discrimination

5 days

September 2023

Kirsten Kraljevic CPDT-KA & Dr. Bob Bailey


"It Must Be Genetic": The Heritability of Aggression


Jessica Hekman DVM PhD

Intrahousehold Conspecific Aggression

August 2023

Lora Haug DVM

"Stop that!" - The Neuroscience of Repetitive and Stereotypical Behavior

July 2023

Daniel Shaw BSc,GMBPsS, CDBC

K9 Misbehavior & Aggression Modification 2/4

July 2023

Trish King

K9 Misbehavior Modification 1/4

July 2023

Trish King

Talking To Clients About Behavioral Euthanasia


Treat - Retreat

May 2023

Suzanne Clothier


Neurological Versus Behavioral

May 2023

Dr. Karen Overall


A&S Colloquium: Kicking the Dog

March 2023

Hegemonic Masculinity in Western Culture & Dominance


Does This Benefit The Dog?

March 2023

Kay Laurence


Canine Enrichment

March 2023

Eliška Pavetta Šuhaj


Dog-Meeting Etiquette

March 2023

Lena Blachova 


Look At That & LATTE Pattern Training

March 2023

Leslie McDevitt


Management or Training/Cue Technology

March 2023

Kay Laurence


Social Hierarchy and Dominance in Dogs

Adam Miklosi

March 2023


The Power Of The Patterns in Control Unleashed

Leslie McDevitt

March 2023


A Brief History Of Animal Training From The Perspective Of Dr. Robert (Bob) Bailey

Bob Bailey

March 2023

The Evolution Of Sports Training

March 2023

Tracy Sklenar & Bobbie Bhrambree


Veterinary Forensics

October 2022

Jim Crosby M.S., CBCC-KA


Working with Severe Aggression Cases

October 2002

Jim Crosby M.S., CBCC-KA

The Original Defensive Handling Short Course

September 2022

Shelter Behavior Hub, Trish McMillan Msc.


How Animals WE Learn: An Introduction to Behavior Analysis and Training

September 2022

Dr. Susan Friedman


Business Tools To Close Out 2022

September 2022

Chinwe Onyyeagoro

Dog Welfare

September 2022

DIYDT Dogs In The Park

Laura Harper, BSc (Agr), MSc, CPDT-KA


Anxiety Is Simply Arousal With Nowhere To Go

September 2022

Dr. E. Bassingthwaighte

Getting To the Why Of Anxiety And A Novel Treatment Approach

September 2022

Dr. Ava Frick


Understanding And Resolving Human And Environmental Triggers Of Anxiety

September 2022

Dr. Cristina Chambreau

Separation Anxiety And Essential Oils

September 2022

Dr. Janet Roark


Talking to Clients about Behavioral Euthanasia

August 2022

Sue Alexander & Trish King

Canine Husbandry Behavior - A Veterinarian's Perspective

July 2022


Developing Behavior Modification Plans

February 2022

Tom Candy



The Forensics of Aggression

November 2021

Jim Crosby M.S., CBCC-KA


Pain in Dogs and Training Tools On a Dog's Structure

April 2021

Dr. Debbie Torraca

Debunking Common Dog Training Myths!

April 2021

Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB


Behavioral Endocrinology

March 2021

Simon Gadbois, PhD

Applied Behavior Analysis, Best practices

March 2021

Trish McMillan MSc, CDBC, CCBC, CPDT-KA

Pharmacological Intervention

March 2021

Dr. Ellen Lindell DVM

Working Aggression Cases With Veterinary Behaviorists

March 2021

Dr. E'lise Christensen DVM, DACVB


Red Flags for Potential Problems Between Kids and Dogs

March 2021

Jennifer Shryock B.A., CDBC

4 Steps to a Training and Behavior Modification Plan

March 2021



Separation Anxiety - Mission Impossible

March 2021

Malena DeMartini

Reactive Dogs

March 2021

Trish King

Solving Canine Behavioral Problems

February 2021

Pat Miller 

The Neuroscience of Aggression

February 2021

Dr. Kathy Murphy BVetMed, DPhil, CVA, CLAS, MRCVS

Troubleshooting Difficult Scenarios in Aggression Cases​

Separation Anxiety, General Guarding

February 2021

Michael Shikashio CDBC

What Makes You Click?

January 2021

Jean Donaldson

Troubleshooting Difficult Scenarios in Aggression Cases

January 2021

Michael Shikashio CDBC

Growing Pro-Social and Brain Power(ed) Dogs:

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Canine Aggression

January 2021

Laura Donaldson PhD, CDBC, KPA-CPT

Puppy or Piranha? Interactive Strategies for Raising, Training,

and Enjoying High Drive, Enthusiastically Biting Dogs

January 2021

Denise Fenzi

Secrets of the Shelter Ninjas

January 2021



Cooperative Counter Conditioning for Aggressive Dogs: Putting the Learner in Control

January 2021

Leslie McDevitt MLA, CPDT-KA, TAGteach L2

Resource Guarding: Management & Modification

January 2021

Trish King




A Professionals Guide to Canine Intelligence

December 2020

Nando Brown

Brains, Bowls & Bull. Raw Food and Canine Behavior

December 2020

Nock Thompson MRCVS

Resource Guarding: Thresholds

December 2020 

Sue Sternberg


Fish Welfare: Why it Matters and What to Consider

December 2020

Ása Johannesen

Ethological Contributions to Aggression in Dogs

November 2020

Kim Brophey CDBC, CPDT-KA

Tools for Evaluating Aggression: What Works in the Real World?

November 2020

James Crosby M.S., CBCC-KA

When SECs Happen: Proactive Handling for Sudden Environmental Contrasts

November 2020

Mike Shikashio


An Introduction to the Science of Canine Olfaction

November 2020

Dr. Nathan Hall


Free Ranging Dogs of Bali

November 2020

Marco Adda

Red Flags Between Kids and Dogs

November 2020

Jennifer Shryock B.A., CDBC

Street Dogs in Mexico

October 2020

Sue Sternberg

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)


Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Dog: Impossible

October 2020

Matt Beisner

Agency, Modal Action Patterns and Stereotypies

October 2020

Emily Strong CDBC, CPBT-KA, SBA & Allie Bender CDBC, CPDT-KA, SBA

Forensics of Dog Attacks

October 2020

James Crosby M.S., CBCC-KA

Predatory Aggression and Ethology

October 2020

Kim Brophey CDBC, CPDT-KA

Spirituality and Post-Traumatic Growth: Spirituality as Catalyst for Resilience

October 2020

Chaplain (Major Gen.) Thomas L. Solhjem, Chief of Chaplains., U.S. Army

Joseph M. Currier, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. & Dir. of Training, Clinical Psychology

Aggression in Dogs Online Conference

October 2020

3 days online

What Lens are You Looking Through? Michael Shikashio CDBC

Medical Causes and Medication Intervention for Aggression in Dogs 


Fighting Like Cats & Dogs: Dealing with Interspecies Aggression. Katenna Jones

Understanding High Drive Dogs: When the Abnormal is Absolutely Normal. Denise Fenzi

Medication Use in Dogs With Aggression

Chris Pachel DVM, DACVB, CABC

October 2020

Dog & Cat Interaction

October 2020



Getting Serious About Dog Bite Research

October 2020

Janis Bradley

Best Socialization Practices for preventing Reactivity

August 2020

Sue Sternberg

The Reactive Dog

August 2020

Sue Sternberg

Managing Dog-Dog Interactions & Avoiding Dog-Play Dangers 1

August 2020

Sue Sternberg

Assessing Dog-Dog Reactivity

August 2020

Sue Sternberg


Adapting to a "New Normal"  The Covid -19 Pandemic

June 2020

Anna York, BSc (Hon), PhD,Stephanie Perniciaro, PhD, MPH

Anne Wyllie, PhD, Maikel Boot, PhD

Chantal Vogels PhD, MSc, BSc

Kayoko Shioda, DVM, MPH

Dr. Hannah Capon - MA Vet MB MRCVS

Stress in Dogs

June 2020

Kristina Spaulding

Location and Arousal Specific Marker Cues


Shade Whitesel

The Art And Science of Recall Training

June 2020

Chrissi Schranz

Joy of Heeling

June 2020

Julie Flanery

Tricks With a Purpose

June 2020

Sara Brueske

Advanced Platform Training

June 2020

Michele Pouliot

Ideas That Should Die: Training Myths & Misconceptions

May 2020

Susan Friedman

Facilitating Safe & Healthy Dog Play in Shelters

May 2020

Mara Velez BA MA Ed.D

Enriched Puppy Protocol

May 2020

Suzanne Clothier

Pain Assessment & Management

May 2020

Sue Yanoff DVM


Concept Training: An Introduction & Overview

May 2020

Ken Ramirez

Is Positive Permissive? A Positive Parent's Guide

May 2020

Denise Fenzi


Navigating Difficult Conversations - Client Communication

May 2020

Christopher Pachel DVM DACVB CABC

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

May 2020

Nancy Tucker CDBC CPDT-KA


Dog Bite Interpretation - Evidence And Behavior

May 2020

Jim Crosby


Nature vs. Nurture: The Chicken And Egg Conundrum

May 2020

Gail Fischer

Zen And the Art of Impulse Control

May 2020

Deb Jones

A History of Animal Training - The Brelands: a Personal Perspective

May 2020

Bob Bailey


The Reality of Impostor Syndrome

May 2020

Andrea Harrison

Humane Use of Negative Reinforcement in the Real World

May 2020

Lore Haug DVM

Training For Optimal Reinforcement

May 2020

Hannah Branigan


Feline Behavior Modification for Dog Trainers

May 2020

Christopher Pachel

Working With Local Agencies

May 2020

Jim Crosby

Anatomy of Attention

May 2020

Suzanne Clothier


But My Dog Isn't Food Motivated

May 2020

Kathy Sdao


Effects of Diet & Thyroid Function on Pet Behavior

May 2020

Dr. Jean Dodds


Best Practices For Grabbing Your Client's Attention

May 2020

Niki Tudge

Employees Should I or Shouldn't I?

May 2020

Susan Smith, Raising Canines

The COVID-19 Lock down & Your Dog


Tracy Krulik

Puppy Socialization During a Pandemic

April 2020

Jessica Ring

Setting Up to Survive & Thrive with dog*biz

April 2020

Niki Tudge

Marketing In Times of Difficulty

April 2020 Telecourse

Niki Tudge

Sit. Stay. What We Can Learn From Our Pets

April 2020 Telecourse

Clive Wynne PhD

The Importance of Positively &  Emotionally Linking Scent to Your Training

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Robert Hewings Bsc, MA,Ph.D.

Seven Top Tips to Promote Calm in Rescue and Shelter Dogs -

Mental and Physical Equilibrium in Rescue & Shelter Dogs

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Nick Thompson BSc.,Path Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS

Rethinking Separation Anxiety in the Homeless Dog

April 2020 Telecourse

Malena DeMartini & Casey McGee

Implementing Science-Based Training in Shelter and Rescue

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Zazie Todd


Preventing and Reducing Fear in The Shelter Environment

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Karolina Westlund PhD.

Scent Work Solutions for Dogs in Rescues & Shelters

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Morag Heirs PhD., PGCAP, MA SocSci

The Neglected Pieces of the Arthritis Puzzle -

Important interventions for shelter dogs suffering with arthritis

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Hannah Capon

Code Breaker: How dogs understand us (and we them)

April 2020 Telecourse

Dr. Juliane Kaminski

Treating Separation Anxiety during COVID 19

April 2020 Telecourse

Malena DeMartini, Allison Colette Lamminen, Jane Wolff

Taking Your Business Virtual

March 2020 telecourse

Kate LaSala CTC

Come, Sit, Stay: A Conversation about Coping in Hard Times

March 2020 telecourse

Dr. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., Dr. Chris Pachel, Kathy Sdao,

When Sh*t Hits the Fan! Coping & Self-Care in the COVID-19 Crisis

March 2020 telecourse

Michael Shikashio CDBC & Melanie Cerrone Ph.D. CPDT-KA


PPG Updates during COVID-19

March 2020 telecourse

Niki Tudge


Remote Consultations for Aggressive Cases

March 2020 telecourse

Michael Shikashio CDBC


When Sh*t Hits the Fan: Defensive Handling or Emergency Scenarios

March 2020 telecourse

Michael Shikashio CDBC & Trish McMillan MSc, CPDT-KA, CDBC

Business Contingency Planning

March 2020 telecourse

Veronica Boutelle & Gina Phairas

Compassion in Balance: Coping with Stress During COVID-19

March 2020 telecourse

Jessica Dolce

Wolves: The Dog Ancestors

February 2020

Udemy Online, Marco Adda





To be listed

Trick Dog Workshop

August 2019 at Sunpaws

Debbie Blythe KPA CTP

Mental Health

July 2019

Temple Grandin PhD


Scent Work Introduction

January 2019 seminar at Sunpaws

Kelli Whitfield


To be listed



To be listed



To be listed 

Pet CPR & First Aid Certification

March 2016



To be listed

Communication Skills

September 2015

Applied Animal Behavior Academy



To be listed



To be listed



Taking the Work out of Paperwork

December 2012 telecourse

Raising Canine, Susan Smith CPDT-KA, CDBC


Enriching the Lives of Stabled Horses

October 2012 telecourse

Barbara Handelmann M. ed.


Certified Euthanasia Technician

December 2012 1 day

Jeni Knizley DVM


Learn How to Teach Kids to be Safe Around Dogs

May 2012 telecourse

Pet Professional Guild


A Recipe for Behavior Modification Success: Behavior Change for Dangerous Problems Using Antecedent Control

September 2012 telecourse

Angelika Steinker


Animal Personality: What do we know and where shall we go?

September 2012

Sam Gosling, Ph.D


Pitfalls of R- (Negative Reinforcement)

July 2012 telecourse

Jean Donaldson


Current Nutrition Controversies - The Science Behind Feeding Fido and Fluffy

July 2012 telecourse

Linda P. Case


Enriching the Lives of Canines through Human Interaction: Research Evaluations & Practice

July 2012 telecourse

Lindsay R. Mehrkam M. S.


The Chaser Story: Why has Language Research with a Smart Border Collie Received Worldwide Attention

June 2012 telecourse

Alliston Reid


BOOM! Puppies and Noise

June 2012 telecourse

Helen Nicholls


Connections - The Evolution & Natural History of the Dog and the Human / Dog Relationship

May 2012 telecourse

Monty Sloan


Integrating Services with a Veterinarian

April 2012 telecourse

Sherrie Schafer, RVT, VTS (Behavior), CPDT-KA


Animal Abuse; ASPCA

April 2012 telecourse

Dr. Randall Lockwood


Searching for the Origin of the Dog

April 2012 telecourse

Clive Wynne PhD


Inclusion of Family Dogs for Success! Building Dog-Child Bonds

March 1012 telecourse

Jennifer Shryock B.A. CDBC


Drives and Motivation in Dogs

March 2012 telecourse

Ken McCort


Preventing Poisoned Pets

March 2012 telecourse

Dr. Tina Wismer DVM DABVT DABT


A Look at Interaction between Dogs at Public dog Parks

March 2012 telecourse

Sue Sternberg


Prey Drive - What Does that Really Mean?

March 2012 telecourse


Science-Based Training - With Feeling

March 2012, 3 days Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Ian Dunbar


Behavioral Evaluations

February 2012 telecourse

Trish King


Research in Dog Training: Current Projects and Future

January 2012 telecourse

Nicole Dory, Ph.D., Monique Udell, Ph.D.


Ethology and Canine Behavior - Qualitative Analysis in Dog Training

January 2012 telecourse

Nicole Dorey PhD


Using Chaining to Train Multiple Behaviors

January 2012 telecourse

Steve White



The Development of Behavior in Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and Wolves (Canis lupus lupus)

December 2011 telecourse

Kathryn Lord Ph.D.


Reality Bites: Safe, Effective Dog Aggression Modification

December 2011

Pat Miller


Keeping Dogs Safe

October 2011 telecourse

Barbara Handlemann


Learning Styles of Dogs

September 2011 telecourse

Rachel Friedman


Safer Pet Vaccinations

June 2011 telecourse

W. Jean Dodds DVM


Thunderstorm Phobia: Tips and Tricks to Help Dogs Cope

June 2011 telecourse

Helen Nicholls



May 2011 telecourse

Trish King


Aggressive Behavior with Dogs: Solutions and Strategies

May 2011 telecourse

Ken McKort and marbara Handelmann M.Ed.


The Truth about Pet Food

May 2011 telecourse

Susan Thixton


Fear and Submission in Wolves and Dogs

April 2011 telecourse

Monty Sloan and Barbara Handelmann M.Ed.


Dominance in Wolves and Dogs

March 2011 telecourse

Monty Sloan and barbara Handelmann M.Ed.


Canine Cognition

February 2011 telecourse

Clive Wynne Ph.D, Barbara Handelmann M.Ed.


The Developmental Period of a Dog: A Behavior Roadmap to Adulthood

February 2011 telecourse

APDT webinar


Overcoming Missed Opportunities: Remedial Socialization for the Adolescent/Adult Dog

February 2011 telecourse

APDT webinar


Using Chaining to Train Multiple Behaviors

January 2011 telecourse

APDT webinar


Two Behavior Problems: Socialization Issues and Possession

January 2011 telecourse

Trish King



Canine Play "Gone Bad"

December 2010 telecourse

Sue Alexander, Barbara Handlemann M. Ed. CDBC


Emotions as Learned behavior

November 2010 telecourse

Kellie Snider MA, Barbara Handlemann M. Ed, CDBC


Evolution and Dog Behavior

October 2010 telecourse

Jean Donaldson


Euthanasia Certificate

October 2010 2 days, Huntsville AL


Association of Pet Dog Trainers

October 2010 5 days, Atlanta, GA

The Umwelt of the Domestic Dog: Imagining the Dog's Point of View / Dr. Alexandra Horowitz

The Wow and How Factor / Kyra Sundance, Victoria Stillwell

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? An Introduction to the Central Questions in Cognition and Emotion of Dog Behavior / Dr. Patricia McConnell

The Origins of Scientific Study of Puppy Love: A Literature Review and History of the Field / Dr. Clive D. I. Wynne

New Discoveries About Dogs' Understanding of Humans / Monique A. R. Udell

When Human-Canine Realities Collide: Human/Canine Cognition and Emotion as These Relate to Problem Behaviors / Dr. Myrna Milani

Panel Discussion / Dr. Clive D.I. Wynne, Monique A.R. Udell, Dr. Myrna Milani, Dr. Patricia McConnell

Hands-On Workshop "Training Dogs with Fun & Games" / Susan Pearson, Judy Warth

Dogs & Dominance 1: An Ethological Perspective / Dr. Pamela Reid

Dogs & Dominance 2: Diagnosis and Treatment of Dominance Aggression / Kristen Collins

A Dog is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Behavior Problems and Solutions / Dr. Pamela Reid

Dealing with the Alpha Word / Trish King

What's the Name of the Game?: Using Games in the Classroom to Build Reliable Behaviors, Increase Owner Participation and Create BIG FUN! / Lauren Fox

Live-Demo Workshop: Feisty Fidos; Reintegrating Them into the Canine Community/Pia Silvani

Closing Session / Dr. Temple Grandin


Evolution and Dog Behavior

October 2010

Jean Donaldson


Ethology and its Place in Animal Science

October 2010 telecourse

Erich Klinghammer Ph.d, Barabara Handelmann M. Ed



September 2010


Fear and Conflict

September 2010 telecourse

Trish King


Learning Theory Series

August 2010 telecourse

Science, Language, Nature vs: Nuture, Learning Defined, the Humane Hierachy

ABC's, Functional Assessment, the Stages of Learning, The Client's Role

Respondent Learning - Overshadowing, Blocking, Prior Experience, Counter Conditioning, & Desensitization

Operant Learning - the Quadrant, Shaping

Operant Learning continued - Extinction, Extinction Bursts, Resurgence, Primary & Secondary Reinforcers


Using R+ to Reduce Behavior, Functional Assessment

Functional Assessment, Q & A

Susan Smith


Female-to-Female Aggression

August 2010 telecourse

Trish King


Barking and Mobbing

June 2010 telecourse

Raising Canine


The Case for Dog Bite Hierarchies

June 2010 telecourse

Raising Canine



April 2010 telecourse

Trish King


Deconstructing the Growl: Perspectives on Canine Aggression

March 2010 New Orleans LA 2 days

Sofia Yin, Sarah Kalnajs


Southern Veterinary Conference

August 2010 Birmingham AL 3 days

Veterinarian-client Communication Module 1

Veterinarian-client Communication Module 2

Veterinarian-client Communication Module 3

The Acute Abdomen Diagnosis and Management

Juvenile Bone and Joint Disease - A Review

Alternative and Raw Food Diet: What Do We Know

What You Need to Know About Supplements

Probiotics: Healing From the Inside Out

Understanding Fatty Acids: Finally a Primer!

Don't lose Your patients: Offering Behavior Services in General Practice

Tools of the Trade: Products for Managing Behavior Problems

Clients with Flea Problems: What is Really Going On?

Old Dogs, New Tricks: Behavior Modification for Problem Pets

To Drug or Not to Drug: Psychopharmacology

Cowardly Canines: Treating Fears and Phobias


United Animal Nations

April 2010 Webinar



The Big Bang: Understanding Noise Phobias in Dogs

March 2010 Webinar

Debra Horowitz DVM DACVB BS


BAT: Behavior Adjustment Training

March 2010 Teleconference

Grisha Stewart


Positive Reinforcement: Beyond Food

February 2010 Webinar

Kathy Sdao MA ACAAB, Dr. Suzanne Hetts, Dr. Dan Estep


6 Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom

January 2010 Teleconference

Rachel Friedman



Word Basic 2007

November 2009 Mobile AL

Mobile technical Institute


Puppy Business: The Best Puppy Classes

September 2009

Veronica Boutelle


Mobile County Police Department

September-November 2009 Mobile, AL

Citizens' Academy


Emergency Management Institute

August 2009 FEMA IS-00100.HE

Introduction to the Incident Command System


Effective Painless Punishment: The Most Misunderstood Process in Dog Training

July 2009 Teleconference

Dr. Ian Dunbar DVM, CPDT-KA


Community Emergency Response Team

June-July 2009 Mobile, AL Workshop

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security


Emergency Management Institute

June 2009 FEMA IS-00022

In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness


Emergency Management Institute

June 2009 FEMA IS-00055

Household Hazardous Materials


Emergency Management Institute

June 2009 FEMA IS-00011

Animals in Disaster, Community Planning


Emergency Management Institute

June 2009 FEMA IS-00010

Animals in Disaster, Awareness and preparedness


Managing Multiple Priorities

May 2009 Mobile AL 1 day

Fred Pryor Co.


Mobile County Fire - Rescue Department

March-May 2009 Mobile, AL

30 hrs. Citizens' Academy


AKC Agility and Obedience

January 2009 Mobile, AL 2 days

Julie Hill



Dealing With Difficult People

November 2008 Mobile, AL, 1 day,

Fred Pryor Co.


Vehicular Safety

August 2008 Mobile, AL, 1/2 day

Mobile Police Department


Southern Veterinary Conference

August 2008 Birmingham, AL, 4 days

The Itchy Dog / Dennis W. Crowe DVM

Advances in Flea Control / Dennis W. Crowe DVM

Canine Dermatology / Endocrinology/Dennis W. Crowe DVM

Fixing Compliance Leaks / Wendy S. Meyers

Emergency and Critical Care Readiness  /Dennis W. Crowe DVM

Canine Hypothyroidism  /David Bruyetter DVM

The Latest in Pancreatitis / David Twedt DVM

Emergency and Critical Care and Nutrition / Dennis W. Crowe

How to Manage and Help Problem Behavior / Debra Horowitz DVM

Aggression Towards Unfamiliar Dogs / Debra Horowitz DVM

Aggression: the Veterinarian's Role / Debra Horowitz DVM

Separation Anxiety in Dogs / Debra Horowitz DVM

Kitten Development and Problem Prevention / Debra Horowitz DVM

Feline Aggression Towards household Cats / Debra Horowitz DVM

Emergency and Critical Care: Priority of Need / Dennis W. Crowe DVM

Heart-worm Prevention / Ray Dillon DVM

Heart-worm Disease: What have we been Missing? / Ray Dillon DVM

Heart-worm Treatment in Dogs / Ray Dillon DVM


Lug Nuts

January 2008 Dothan, AL, 2 days

Sue Sternberg and Jane Kopelman



HeartTalk Seminar and Workshop

November 2007 New Orleans, LA, 2 days

Carol Gurney


Pets Behave Seminar

October 2007 Niceville, FL, 1 day

Debbie Revell Dip.CAPT (COAPE), RN



September 2007


Training Wheels

September 2007 1 day

Sue Sternberg, Jane Kopelman


Southern Veterinary Conference

August 2007 Birmingham, AL, 4 days

Introducing Animal Behavior Into a Clinical Practice / Bonnie Beaver BS DVM MS Dipl. ACVB

Getting Started with Behavior Problems / Bonnie Beaver BS DVM MS Dipl. ACVB

Why I Hate Cats / Bonnie Beaver BS DVM MS Dipl. ACVB

Why I hate Dogs / Bonnie Beaver BS DVM MS Dipl. ACVB

Cure Them or Kill Them / Bonnie Beaver BS DVM MS Dipl. ACVB

A Pill for Everything / Bonnie Beaver BS DVM MS Dipl. ACVB

Initial Approach to Critical Care  /Robert J. Murtaugh DVMMS DACVECC DACVIM FCCM

Initial Approach of Pediatric Emergencies / Robert J. Murtaugh DVMMS DACVECC DACVIM FCCM

Approach to Electrocardiography / Robert J. Murtaugh DVMMS DACVECC DACVIM FCCM

The Legal Implication of the Human-Animal Bond / Douglas C. Jack BA LL.B

Effective medical Records management and Informed Consen t/ Douglas C. Jack BA LL.B

Legal Consequences for Ethical Breaches / Douglas C. Jack BA LL.B

The Regulation of Alternative/Complimentary Therapy / Douglas C. Jack BA LL.B

Renovate or Build New - Deciding What's Right for You  /Sal Longo AIA

MEP Systems and their Keys to Sound and Odor Control / Sal Longo AIA

Power, Light and Data in your Hospital /Sal Longo AIA

Canine Influenza -  How to Deal with It / G. Hall


Clicker Training Workshop

July 2007 Niceville, FL, 2 days

Debbie Revell Dip.CAPT (COAPE), RN


Critical Incident Stress Management: Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support

Critical Incident Stress Management: Group Crisis Intervention

March 2007 MS, 3 days,

UMBC, University of Maryland


Lug Nuts Training

January 2007 Dothan AL, 1 day

Sue Sternberg, Jane Kopelman


 AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

 January 2007



Agility Training Seminar

November 2006 Mobile, AL, 2 days

Susan and Jenn Crank


Pet Dog Training

November 2006 Orlando, FL, 4 days

Dr. Ian Dunbar DVM, CPDT-KA



Southern Veterinary Conference

August 2005 Birmingham, AL, 4 days

(Can't find my notes.)



April 2005 Niceville, FL, 1 day

Debbie Revell Dip.CAPT (COAPE), RN


Rally Obedience

April 2005 Niceville, FL, 2 days

Debbie Revell Dip.CAPT (COAPE), RN


Vaccination, Nutrition, Immune and Thyroid Diseases

March 2005 Covington, LA, 2 days

Jean Dodds DVM


(Forgotten Title - sorry!)

February 2005 Mebane, NC, 2 days

Suzanne Clothier


APDT Board Meeting

January 2005 New Orleans LA, 1 day

APDT Board of Directors



Rally Obedience Seminar

November 2004 Kiln, MS, 2 days

Donna Webb



September 2004


Natural Nutrition and Homeopathic Veterinary Practices

June 2004 Pensacola, FL, 2 days

Kymythy Schultze and Adriana Sagrera DVM


UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service

May 2004 Mobile, AL, 1 day

Kay Mayfield


Advanced Clicker Training Working Seminar

January 2004 Norcross, GA, 2 days

Kay Laurence


Agility Working Seminar

January 2004 Hancock Co., MS, 2 days

Pati and Stuart Mah



Taking The Bite Out Of Aggression Seminar

November 2003 Mebane, NC, 2 days

Myrna Milani DVM


Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference

September 2003 Orlando, FL, 5 days

Whale Done / Thad Lacinak

From The Classroom To The Training Room And Back Again / Bob Bailey

Status Of Ethics And Professional Responsibilities / Miller, Hanson, Raben, Sanderson, Buckley

Physical Causes For Performance, Training, And Behavior Problems / Suzanne Clothier

101 Ways to Use A Chair / Tibby Chase

Instructional Skills I / Terry Ryan

Instructional Skills II / Terry Ryan

Six Aggression Cases / Karen Overall

Neutering, A Closer Look / Myrna Milani

Facts And Fictions About Electronic Training / Mary Lee Nitschke

Criminal Liability Pertaining To Poor Dog Guardianship / Adam Karp

Operant Conditioning Workshop / Bob Bailey

Train To Adopt / Sue Sternberg

Observing The Details Of Aggression / Sue Sternberg

Fading And Transferring Cues And Promts / Karen Pryor

Wolfdogs, Facts And Fiction / Nicole Wilde

Deaf Dogs And Vibrating Collars / Barry Eaton

Clicker Tactics for Shelter Dogs / Karen Pryor

Learning To Learn / Karen Pryor


Agility Working Seminar

August 2003 Ft. Wallton Beach. FL, 2 days

Jane Simmons-Moake


1st National Service Dog Conference

June 2003 Mobile, AL, 3 days

Misc. Speakers


Therapy Dog Seminar

June 2003 Mobile, AL, 1 day


Advanced Learning Theory

April 2003 Mebane, NC, 2 days

Dr. Pamela Reid



AKC Herding Seminar

September 2002 Folsom, LA, 2 days


Women in Business

September 2002 Mobile, AL, 1 day

Misc. speakers


AKC Obedience Workshop

August 2002 Mobile, AL, 1 day

Julie Hill


AKC Obedience Workshop

August 2002 Cantonement, FL, 1 day

Joanne Permowitz, Greg Feathers


San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers CC Course

June 2002 San Francisco, CA, 6 days

Janis Bradley, Jean Donaldson


Getting Clients to buy into Positive Dog Training

June 2002 San Francisco, CA

Donna Duford


Holistic Approaches

May 2002--April 2002--March 2002--February 2002--January 2002 Pensacola, FL

Dr. Becky Jones


AKC Tracking Workshop

February 2002 Folsom, LA, 2 days



FFDTC Holistic Alternatives for Dogs

October 2001 Pensacola, FL


Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference

September 2001 Ellenville, NY, 5 days

Took (and passed with a very high score) CPDT test

Love and Hatred in Humans and Animals / Roger Abrantes

Excel-Erated Learning / Pamela Reid, Wendy Van Kerkhove

Coaching the Dog Trainer / Pia Sylvani

Training Techniques - Keeping Your Options Open / P. Sylvani, D. Duford

Getting Rid of Behavior by Rewarding It? / P. Reid, W. Van Kerkhove

Understanding Legalese / Doug Johnson, Phil Pearsall

Rewards, Corrections, & Punishment / Donaldson, Duford, Dunbar, Reid


AKC Obedience Workshop

August 2001 Woolmarket, MS, 2 days

Lynn Weinberger


Alabama Animal Control Officers' Safety Conference

April 2001 Montgomery, AL, 4 days

Misc. speakers


Dr. Ian Dunbar's Instructor Workshop

May 2001 Orlando, FL, 3 days

Dr. Ian Dunbar DVM, CPDT-KA


AAA/AAT Workshop

April 2001 Mobile, AL, 1 day

Misc. speakers


AKC Agility Workshop

January 2001 Wiggins, MS, 2 days

Webb Anderson, Steve Frick


AKC Judges' Seminar

January 2001 Montgomery, AL

Misc. AKC Judges



Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference

September 2000 Houston, TX, 5 days

Telepathic Communication with Animals / Carol Gurney

Managing and Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs / Nina Bodarenko

Musical Canine Freestyle / Donna Duford

The Controversial Pit Bull / Sue Sternberg

Help! There's a Chow Chow in my Class! / Ann Morris

Liability Issues in a Dog Training Business / Doug Johnson

HeartTalk Program / Carol Gurney

Aggression Panel / Dunbar, Johnson, Sdao, Donaldson, Bodarenko

Teaching Clicker Classes / Ann Morris

Texas Hearing & Service Dogs Training Techniques / Angie Sumpter

Teaching Specialized Tasks / Nina Bodarenko

Ethics Panel / Miller, Binstead, Laun, Moxim, Nitschke, Walton, Whitney

Behavior Problem Panel / Donaldson, Dunbar, Hetts, White

Theory vs. Reality: Behavior Modification in the Real World / Donna Duford

Getting Accurate & Useful Information From Your Clients / Deborah Jones


AKC Obedience Workshop

August 2000 Pensacola, FL, 2 days

Lynn Weinberger



I kept no records of pre-August 2000 Seminars and workshops.

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