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Climate controlled, spacious indoor facility with specialized dog-friendly flooring!

5472 TRAVIS ROAD Blue Mailbox, long driveway. Sunpaws is not visible from the road.
Driveway directly across from Whitehall Rd.


Bring your puppers on a well fitting buckle collar or martingale collar and a 4 or 6 foot leash. please no retractable leash!

Have a mixture of small treats in a baggie - soft, squishy, aromatic are good - no dry milkbone-style types.


Please do not let your dog greet other dogs. Introductions can be made once everyone is settled in.


Park anyplace in front/around the building where there's gravel. There is a portapotty on site for humans.

Frances is an excellent trainer, both of our dogs which she trained, loved her and would do anything for her. She trains very methodical and Hands-on, she has lots of helpful hints to use with your dog.

She has such patience with the dogs and the owners,

We love Frances, both for training and for boarding. Our dogs love to stay with Frances.

- Sandy, Duchess and Maggie -

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