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This courtesy listing is for my dear friend and valued colleague
Kirsten Kraljevic, B.A., CPDT-KA

Do you know how to train a chicken?
Do you have what it takes to train a chicken?
Is it about the chicken or is it about you?
Why on earth would anyone train a chicken???

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Dive into the fundamentals of behavior change & the principles of operant conditioning:

These workshops are a close look into an array of crucial topics including:

  • voluntary and involuntary behaviors

  • operant and respondent conditioning

  • reinforcement techniques (primary and secondary)

  • discriminative stimuli

  • timing precision

  • setting criteria

  • maintaining an optimal rate of reinforcement

  • the concept of extinction

  • honing mechanical skills

  • understanding choice

  • and, finally, changing trainer behavior.

Practical Learning:

Get hands-on experience utilizing Leghorn chickens as a model to grasp and apply the principles discussed.

unlock your ability to change behavior!

Nerdy Bird
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