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Sunpaws is great. The facility is clean and spacious. The small class size means all the pups get lots of attention. Frances knows her stuff and provides great instruction. Mulligan and I both learned a lot!


Puppy Classes!

For puppies 10 weeks to 5 months of age at the beginning of class.


Your Sunpaws Puppy Program consists of 4 one-hour sessions.

It’s so much easier to train a puppy than to un-train or re-train an adult!


Class sessions run 1 hour a week, same time/day

Classes are limited to 4 puppies.


Biting? Jumping? Not listening to you? Oh my!

  • Attention & name game

  • introduction to luring

  • introduction to reward marker

  • introduction to positive interrupter

  • Introducing "Place"

  • Introducing "Off"

  • Recall skills

  • addressing house training

  • addressing biting/nipping

  • sitting & not jumping!

  • Training games

  • Introductions to novel surfaces, items & more!


In the short time I was able to work with you, I knew how special and caring you are!  Your deeds are not unnoticed and will last for years to come!


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