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Prep Your Puppy's Life Skills!
Puppy Class is much more casual than classes for older dogs, and specifically geared to begin socializing your puppy.  Depending on the group dynamics, your puppy may get to engage, appropriately supervised, with other puppies in the group.


In your puppy's class you and your puppy will learn to pay attention to each other! Name recognition and attention training are the foundation of all exercises you and your puppy will be learning.


There will be considerable time allotted to any questions you and your family may have. 

Once completed, you and your puppy then go on to the Adult Group Class.


Get your puppy started on the correct paw from the very beginning!

flooring ready for classes
class set up


Achieve Training Skills for a Lifetime!
For dogs 6 months of age and older, these classes work specifically to teaching your dog to pay attention to you and to ignore the distraction of other dogs in the group.


A heavy emphasis on name recognition and attention training are foundation skills your dog will be learning.


Get your dog educated right from the start!

big hoops for big dogs!


Bring your puppers on a well fitting buckle collar or martingale collar and a 4 or 6 foot leash. please no retractable leash!

Have a mixture of small treats in a baggie soft, squishy, aromatic are good - no dry milkbone-style types.


Please do not let your dog greet other dogs. Introductions can be made once everyone is settled in.


Park anyplace in front/around the building where there's gravel. There is a portapotty on site for humans.

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