Fun & climate controlled


(Classes run one hour a week for 4 weeks on the day/time)

Puppy - 10 weeks to 5 months $140.00

Adult - all dogs over the age of 6 months $140.00


Additional classes may be posted if current posted classes fill.

Puppy Beginner


Tuesday June 16th, 6pm FILLED

Sunday June 21st 12noon FILLED

Tuesday July 14th, 6pm FILLED

Sunday July 19th, 10am 

Sunday July 19th, 12noon FILLED

August dates to be posted soon

Adult Basic 1


Monday June 15th, 6pm FILLED

Thursday June 18th, 6pm FILLED

Monday July 13th, 6pm FILLED

Thursday July 16th, 6pm  FILLED

Wednesday July 29th, 6pm FILLED

Additional classes will be posted soon

Adult Basic 2


Canine Good Citizen

(Classes run one hour a week for 5 weeks on the day/time)

$175.00 for new dog/handler teams, $150.00 for established Sunpaws teams!


CGC Test: TBD for class participants.
CGC Test open to the public TBD!

COVID 19 Update!

2000 square feet of social distancing dog training!
(even before C-19 only 4 dog/handler teams in a class!)
Included in your class is a handout folder, a bait bag/treat pouch and one 3-ply mask per attendee. Bring your own masks, disinfectants etc. if you like.
There will be only one class per day instead of the usual multiple to allow disinfecting of chairs etc. Also, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be provided. The porta-potty has disinfectant spray, wipes etc.
Children over 7 years allowed as long as they can sit in their seats and wear their mask the entire class.
All dog/handler teams please keep your distance from other teams while pottying your dog, then enter & exit one team at a time.

Training facility
flooring ready for classes

Puppy kindergarten for the win! Need to put on a new harness that goes over his head? Not a problem because he learned how to push his sweet little nose through a circle at school! Need to ignore distractions while out walking? Better every day because he learned leave it at school. Meeting a new big dog? Not a problem because we learned basic socialization and leash handling at school. Thanks Frances Dauster and Sunpaws. Can’t wait to be back for his second session.


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